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Review: Untouchable by Talia Hibbert

 Untouchable by Talia Hibbert

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What happens when a bad boy becomes a man?

Nate Davis didn't plan on returning to his hateful hometown. But then, he didn't plan on being widowed in his twenties, or on his mother getting sick, either. Turns out, life doesn't give a f$*k about plans.

Hannah Kabbah thought her career in childcare was over. After all, no-one wants a woman with a criminal damage conviction watching their kids. But when her high school crush returns to Ravenswood with two kids in tow, she gets the second chance she never dreamed of.

She also gets to know Nate - the real Nate. The one whose stony exterior hides aching vulnerability. Who makes her smile when she wants to fall apart. Who is way, way more than the bad boy persona he earned so long ago, and way too noble to ever sleep with the nanny.

So it's a good thing she's completely over that teenage crush, right?

Untouchable is a steamy, small town interracial romance. Warning: this book is 80,000 words of intense romance with a happy ending. There are NO cliffhangers and NO cheating. Enjoy responsibly!

Please note: this book contains discussion and depiction of depression and anxiety that may trigger certain audiences.


I really enjoyed this book. I loved Hannah and Nate together. Both Hannah and Nate had crushes on each other back in their school days but Hannah refuses to admit to herself that it is still there. I was dying at this line.

"Is this your incredible roundabout way of admitting you have a crush on me?"  "Had," she corrected. "I had a crush on you. It's sort of reappeared, like a virus, but once it's dealt with, my immunity will be complete and it will never return. At least, that's my theory."

Hannah was such a strong character in book one with her sister Ruth and in this book even though she had her issues. She felt like she had to put up this facade for everyone in town. Nate was such a sweetheart. Like I literally can not talk about how sweet this guy was. I loved his relationship with his kids and his family and I loved how he felt about Hannah. I loved their little late nights and how he took it slow with Hannah because he knew if he let out all of his feelings too soon he would scare her away.  I was surprised I liked this one so much because book 1 in the Ravenswood Series was just ok to me even though I would recommend it. I caught myself smiling at so many parts in this book. I can usually tell from the beginning if I will love a book and this one had me hooked from the start. I was really rooting for these characters to be together and that's all I really want in a romance. A couple I can love together. I would definitely recommend this one and I think I know who the next couple will be and I really look forward to that story. 

5 Stars
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