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Blog Tour:Just One of the Royals by Leah and Kate Rooper

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Just One of the Royals (The Chicago Falcons #2)
by Leah Rooper and Kate Rooper
Publication Date: June 2018
Publisher: Entangled Teen: Crush

Star hockey player Daniel Sacachelli wants only two things: 1) for the Falcons
to win next season, and 2) for his secret — the fact he’s actually the prince of Eldonia — to never make its way to Chicago. But if Daniel keeps avoiding his crown, their family will lose their kingdom forever.

Madison Myong can’t believe that her will-they-or-won’t-they best friend Daniel is
really a prince! He’s always seemed more rebel than royal. But now, he needs to clean up his image, fast. Posing as his long-time girlfriend, Madison accompanies him back to Eldonia, intending to give Daniel a makeover fit for a king.

Only, the more royal Daniel becomes, the more Madison misses her best friend. And if she does her job right, she’ll lose him forever...


Leah and Kate Rooper are sisters from Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. Growing up beside the Pacific Ocean and inside a temperate rainforest fed their sense of adventure as children, and nourished a curiosity for strange and distant lands. They fed this curiosity with books - lots and lots of books. After experiencing the magic of Middle-earth, they began creating their own worlds. When they're not writing, Leah and Kate spend their time blogging and vlogging about their travel adventures and their writing journey.

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This was a really cute YA romance. Bad boy Daniel is best friends with straight laced Madison. Only thing is that Daniel like likes Madison but doesn't think the girl with doctor parents will go for the boy from the wrong side of the tracks.  Unbeknownst to Daniel, Madison is crushing really hard on him also. When Madison finds out Daniel is a prince, she tries to help him change from his bad boy status to the king he is meant to be. 

This was a cute story. I thought it was sweet when Daniel was trying to tell Madison he wanted to be more than friends. I was like if she would just let him get a word in he can tell her how he feels. I liked Daniel. I thought he was a little hard on himself but knowing his relationship with his father, I see where his insecurities came from. I liked Madison even though I thought she was written kind of stereotypical. She was a sweet girl and very loyal to her friends. I liked this story but I wish there was more one on one time with Daniel and Madison. When they finally went to the country of his father, they had the couple from the first book with them and I think that took away from some of the one on one time with this book's couple. I really loved Daniel's relationship with his sister but that nickname she gave him was annoying. I think it only annoyed me because it;s close to my I liked how the conflict in the story was resolved. I was satisfied with the resolution. Overall it was a sweet read.

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